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Embellished wheels of different sizes linked together to form a contemporary necklace. Tila Wheels are extremely versatile. Use one on its own as a focal element. Wear it on one side to create an interesting asymetrical decorative element. Link several to form a central pendant as in this case. Weave a bar and it becomes a toggle clasp for a bracelet or a necklace. Functional and decorative.

Tila beads are used in a modified right angle weave stitch to form a self-supporting and extremely sturdy ring that is strong yet at the same time looks delicate. Embellished with pretty magatamas, the assembled focal element is suspended from a St Petersburg weave chain which continues the embellished look of the front.

A necklace that is both casual for a weekend in jeans and at the same time elegant enough to take you to any 3-star Michelin restaurant.

Once you get the hang of these rings, you will find them extremely useful as decorative components for your beadwork.

Circumference : From 44 cm to 50 cm
Large Wheel Diameter : 3.2 cm
Medium Wheel Diameter : 2.9 cm
Small Wheel Diameter : 2.7 cm
Project Difficulty : Intermediate
Techniques Used : Right Angle Weave
St Petersburg' Chain
Seed Beads
Tila Beads
Swarovski Crystal Round
Beading Needles
Fireline 6lb is recommended

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