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A hand-held fan is an implement used to induce an airflow for the purpose of cooling or refreshing oneself. Any broad, flat surface waved back-and-forth will create a small airflow and is considered a rudimentary fan. Generally, purpose-made hand-held fans are shaped like a sector of a circle and made of a thin material such as silk, paper or feathers mounted on slats which revolve around a pivot so that it can be closed when not in use.

The Fan Collar is made from five fan shaped components. Made using little petal like Pip™ beads, they fan out below a gleaming gentle dome. These beautiful fan-like components are strung on a fluid, textured rope to rest gently on the collar bone framing the beauty of its’ wearer.
Inner Circumference : Up to 60 cm (23.5")
Project Difficulty : Intermmediate
Techniques Used : Right Angle Weave
Seed Beads
Czech Domes
Pip™ Beads
Kheops® par Puca® Beads
Magnetic Clasp
Fireline 6lb is recommended

Important Notice
Color codes for samples shown are NOT included or provided.

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