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Jewellery was a big part of Elizabethan Tudor fashion, especially for those who were rich and important.
It showed both their wealth and status. Jewellery was also used to convey political messages, display religious beliefs and to remind people of friends and relatives who have died. Jewellery in Tudor times was not widespread and is essentially worn by the upper classes and those who could afford such finery.

Tudor bracelets tended to be made out of silver or gold and decorated with precious stones. Strands of pearls could also be wrapped around the wrist. The Elizabethan cuff is reminiscent of bracelets of the era. A wide cuff - elaborate, luxurious and intricately woven. A central panel of bezelled large beads form a bold focal point to the cuff. Eminently suited to the delicate wrists of the Elizabethan Tudor lady of the upper classes.
Inner Circumference : Up to 50 cm (20")
Project Difficulty : Intermmediate
Techniques Used : Peyote
Seed Beads
Lunasoft Cabochon
Czech O Beads
Czech Pellets
Fireline 6lb is recommended

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