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As part of my collaboration with The Beadsmith Inspiration Squad,
there will be a series of free projects that will be available for you to download with our compliments.

You may use it to make for yourself, your friends, your family.
Or if you are a bead shop owner or teacher, do feel free to use them for class projects for your customers.
However, please do not alter or amend the file in any way without the expressed permission of Manek-Manek Beads.
And credit mention for the designs is greatly appreciated.

Click on the Inspiration Squad logo to be taken to the Squad's website.

The patterns below are available through your local bead store if they are a customer of The Beadsmith.
A Twist Of Spring Superduo Bangles Trinity Cuff
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Join me in my journey on my love of beads.
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Updated 11 January 2017
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