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Sweet Bananaberry Round Robin by Manek-Manek Beads | Bead Jewelry, Kits, Patterns & Workshops
Sweet Bananaberry Round Robin by Manek-Manek Beads | Bead Jewelry, Kits, Patterns & Workshops Sweet Bananaberry Round Robin by Manek-Manek Beads | Bead Jewelry, Kits, Patterns & Workshops
Earlier this year, I participated in a lovely bead round robin organised by Darcy Rosner of Sweet Bananaberry. The theme of the round robin was an amulet bag. We were split into groups of 4 beaders. Each of us created the body of an amulet bag. Then it was sent onto the next person in the group to embellish the "naked" bag. Then it was onto the next person for the fringe. And finally the strap was put on by the last member of the group.

The challenge for me everytime a new partially completed bag came was how to complete my part without ruining the beautiful work done before me. Sometimes I felt almost afraid to start work on it for fear of undoing the beauty before me. An even bigger challenge for all of us was that we had to create a completed bag that should ultimately look like one person beaded the whole thing! After all it does have to be a cohesive piece.

Last but not least, the hardest challenge of all was when time came to send the bag off to the next person. I never wanted to part with any of the bags!

The various bags created by not only my group but all the other groups in the round robin are exquisite. And each and everyone of them look like one person completed the bag! Such wonderful and talented beaders.

I created my bag to fit my gym membership card. This is my effort to encourage myself to go to the gym more often. After all if I get to use my bag everytime I went to the gym, I would go to the gym more right? Well that was and is the plan.

My bag has travelled around the world to the various beaders in my group and is probably one of the most well travelled amulet bags around. Members of my group have contributed most beautifully and magnificently to it. It will remain one of my most treasured possessions.

I may even make it to the gym more often because of it! I had a great time working on this round robin and have also made some lovely beady friends from all over the world.

A very big thank you to

Darcy Rosner
for organising this and inviting me to be part of it

Fellow beaders in my group who have contributed so beautifully to my bag
Alexandra Le Houedec | France
Catharina Thomas | Switzerland
Jean Upton | United States of America

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